Church Leadership Course

Beginning early September

The Church is precious, issuing from God's perfect will and bought with the blood of His perfect Son. By His grace and empowerment, the Church is also His primary strategy for growing His Kingdom on earth.

It is mind-boggling that God would call humans to lead such a thing under His authority. But He does!

If this excites you and if you have a desire to lead within the context of The Town Church, consider joining our Church Leadership Course.

This course is designed for those interested in serving as non-staff leaders within The Town Church, roles that God graciously gives, flowing from the magnificent very person of God. When studying church leadership, the emphasis will be on the heart of the leader, which is the ground for everything the leader does. This course does not primarily study leadership techniques, however, practical issues will be addressed in the discussion arising from real-life, personal experiences.

COVID-19 modifications: We will be meeting in-person and follow all county guidelines for group meetings, including wearing face coverings and following physical distancing.


  • Goal: to equip, empower and release healthy non-staff leaders within the context of The Town Church.
  • When: Exact nights and times are dependent on what works for the most applicants. Course will meet twice a month through 9 months beginning in September.
  • What: Engage head and heart through focused reading and discussion on lay Church leadership.
  • Who: men and women who have a desire to lead within The Town Church.
  • Where: The Town Church

If you are interested, APPLY HERE.

Questions? See Eric Reeves ([email protected]) or Molly Morrill ([email protected]).