There are several ways to stay up-to-date on how The Town Church is engaging in this new season:

  1. Join us on Sundays for worship! Our corporate worship is at 10am, with lessons for preschoolers and elementary kids beforehand at 9:00 and 9:30am. Sign-up for CCB to receive a message Saturday with the worship and kid lesson links.
  2. Stay up-to-date with all-things COVID-19 and The Town Church on our blog, including a space for questions and answers.
  3. Subscribe to our YouTube channel to view all videos we'll post (updates, sermons, devotionals, etc.).
  4. View all communication in our online church system Church Community Builder, including Zoom links to noon prayer and elementary kids connect time on Wednesdays.
  5. Find us on Facebook and Instagram.

All of us are being affected by COVID-19, and all of us have a need for each other.

If you or someone you know are experiencing a specific practical need, our deacons would love to explore how they could help with you.

Contact them HERE. They would love to hear from you!

We've also created a group on CCB (Church Community Builder) called "Bulletin Board." Let's use this to get the word out about extra supplies or skills you'd like to make available to other people of The Town Church who may need them. You can access this group HERE.

Email our staff pastors.

They would love to hear from you.

Just click on the picture of who you would like to contact.