Eric Reeves

Pastor - Formation and Operations

God has brought me along a winding and at times seemingly disjointed journey. I grew up in a town of 5000 in Iowa attending a Christian and Missionary Alliance church, went to Northwestern College (Reformed Church of America) in my hometown where I finally made my faith really my own and met my beautiful wife, Cassy. From there we moved to Denver (a bit larger city) where I completed a Master of Divinity degree from Denver Seminary (formerly a Conservative Baptist school).

I then made the next logical steps after seminary: work at UPS for the next 5 years, become somewhat disillusioned with the Church, engage again with a church plant, and then move to Fort Collins in 2011 to work at Alpha Center and serve The Town Church to the best of my ability.

Amazingly, God is continually and graciously intertwining all of these pieces of my family’s journey thus far for His glory. What a good God indeed. We know that our journey, along with the stumbles, is far from over.

My wife (Cassy) and I have been given two amazing boys, Elias and Adlai (yes, Ad-lie—he’ll be pronouncing his name for others the rest of his life) and a crazy cute and sweet girl, Meira.  We love quiet days of lounging. And hiking. And cheesecake.

Email: [email protected]